Hints for beginning school

Getting ready for the big day!

You can help in the following ways:

  • Enrol your child well before his or her birthday by contacting the school office.  You will then receive an enrolment pack containing school  information.  As your child’s fifth birthday approaches you will be contacted to  arrange school visits for your child. 
  • It is also a good idea to visit the playground outside school hours.
  • Please buy a LARGE school bag.  Children need a lot of room for book bags, clothing, library books, etc.
  • We are a registered Enviro-school and we are zero waste which means we encourage ‘litter free’ lunches.  You may like to consider this when buying your child’s lunch box.
  • Please label all clothing and belongings and expect your child to recognise and take responsibility for his or her own things.

Preparing for class/school life


To get your child ready for school they could work towards the following:


· Take responsibility for belongings.

· Follow instructions/routines.

· Be independent.

· Relate to other children and adults .

· Participate/take turns/wait.

· Is able to dress/undress self, including shoes (swimming).

· Pack/unpack and carry own bag.

· Ask for help.

· Blow nose and recognise the need to do so.

· Go to the toilet and wash hands independently.

 Preparing for Literacy and Numeracy 

It would be terrific if your child can:


· Recognise and write his/her name (correct use of capital and lower case letter and ‘budgie beak’ pencil grip).

· Recognise some/all alphabet letters.

· Use pencils, crayons, scissors, etc.

· Ask and answer questions

· Continue to experience being read to and have opportunities to draw/write.

· Count to 10 or beyond.

· Count a group of objects/match objects to a number

· Recognise numerals to 10 or beyond.

   Have experience playing board games.

· Recognise colours.

· Understand some concepts relating to: patterns, shapes, measurement, e.g. size (big, small, wide, etc.), weight (light, heavy, etc.), capacity (full, empty, etc.), space (behind, over, under, beside, etc.), time (before, after, today, tomorrow, etc.).


 Remember, each child is an individual and will learn at his or her own pace.  It is not essential that all children are competent in all these areas when they  begin school.