Currently at Manawaru School we have four classrooms. The levels within these rooms change from year to year, as we adapt to best meet the needs of the learners. Our teachers work together often, and group children according to need, across the school. Learning is enhanced by our support staff. They work where the needs of learners are best served. Sometimes they work in classrooms, other times they work with groups or individuals out of the room. 
We are well supported by other members of our team that support learning in the school, including Project Energise, RTLB, Police Education Officer, Group Special Education, and anyone we think can make the difference for learners in the school!

This year the staff is as follows

Rosemary Hendrikse                Principal

Mel Sargent                              Deputy Principal                     Years 6,7,8

Alana Oldham                          Teacher                                  Years 4,5

Tori-Ann Malone                      Teacher                                  Years 2,3,4

Carol Oldham                           Teacher                                  Year 1

Adele Tilsley                            Teacher Aide and Administration Officer

Diane Robinson                        Teacher Aide and Librarian